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IT Expert (Website Designing & Web Development)

Best IT Expert,Website Designing & Web Development Course in Delhi

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Market View

Employment of web developers and digital designers is projected to grow 28 percent from 2019 to 2029, much faster than the average for all occupations. Demand will be driven by the continued popularity of mobile devices and ecommerce.

Course Overview

IT Expert refers to the creation of web applications and website using various technologies that include HTML5, CSS3, Java Script, PHP, MySQL, AngularJS, NodeJS, Bootstrap, Wordpress, MongoDB, ExpressJS, LARAVEL, Jquery, Ajex, CAKE Framwork, python web development etc. Full stack web development is currently one of the most desired and necessary job profiles as it allows business organizations t to easily develop complex web applications. It offers several benefits to the organization and the developer that includes easy switching, cost saving, easy to upgrade, and much more. This is the main reason the market is filled with varying IT Expert Training Course in Delhi, Uttam Nagar, East Azad Nagar, Durgapuri, Kalkaji, Badarpur, Pitampura, Jaipur, Agra, Kanpur, Bhopal, provided by GDF Skills (a unit of Gayatri Devi Solution LLP) that claims to offer the most obvious and industry focused knowledge on web development and app development. GDF Skills is one such highly reliable and experienced Best Web Developer Training Institute where you will receive a rigorous and essential Full Stack & Main Stack knowledge, including its various elements such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, back-end language, database and web storage, HTTP and REST, Web application architecture, data structure and much more. After completing the IT Expert Course, you will be able to all the front end to back end operations of application development, host and design network and environment, develop user interface and increase user experience and help the client to enhance their business productivity. If you are also willing to get into the line of web development, then just having programming language knowledge isn't necessary for the current market. Thus, join our IT Expert Training Course in Delhi, Uttam Nagar, East Azad Nagar, Durgapuri, Kalkaji, Badarpur, Pitampura, Jaipur, Agra, Kanpur, Bhopal, provided by GDF Skills (a unit of Gayatri Devi Solution LLP) to clear your career road.

About IT Expert,Website Designing & Web Development Course in Delhi

IT Expert Training Course is a specialized and Job-oriented Diploma Training Course, which is suitable for 10+2 students who wish to make a career in web development field. The participants will learn to build complex server-side web applications using a powerful relational database tool to store data and build a secure Linux based server network along with installing cloud-based application hos sting. A Web developer is someone who is familiar with all the layers of the web development, which includes Data Modeling, business logic, API, MVC, user experience, user interface, understanding the needs of customers and business and much more. In IT Expert Web Designing & Web Developer Course, the applicant will receive in-depth knowledge on popular JavaScript technology, along with developing entire design structure and perform front-end and back-end functionalities. At first, the candidates will learn about Front-end data that include HTML5, CSS3, Jquery, JavaScrip, Bootstrap, AngularJS website hosting and then continue their education towards back-end module consisting PHP and MySQL, NodeJS, creation, and updation, and at last, assured placement assistance will be provided to help them secure a job at a reputed firm. The entire IT Expert Training Course can be completed within 1 Year, 2 Year and 3rdYear. The IT Expert Web Designing & Web Developer Training Training in Delhi, Uttam Nagar, East Azad Nagar, Durgapuri, Kalkaji, Badarpur, Pitampura, Jaipur, Agra, Kanpur, Bhopal, provided by GDF Skills (a unit of Gayatri Devi Solution LLP) is provided by the most reputed and certified trainers with years of experience. They will hone the careers of the students by giving them the proper and adequate knowledge to lead a successful career ahead. It would help you developer business logic skills and create an application that would meet the requirements of the clients. Other major features of the IT Expert Course include Real-time Web Designing & Web Developer Training under expert guidance, projector led smart classrooms, latest Web designing & Web Developer Course material and updated equipment, industry relevant projects and assignments and 100% job placement assistance. The students can also choose their preferred batch timings.

Why any one choose IT Expert, Best Website Designing & Best Web Development Course or career option

Web development is currently one of the most desired and demanding job profiles in IT department as every business organization requires building a reliable web application in order to perform their business functions. There are many programming languages that can be used in web development, however, PHP & Python Web Development is considered by far the best as it consists of all the web dev velopment tools in detail and offers a complete solution to the client. It includes JavaScript, AngualarJS, PHP & MySQL, Node.js, database, network, user interface and experience, quality assurance, security, etc. A Web Developer consists decent knowledge of all the elements related to web development, even though they don't master them. It is enough to make them the desired candidate in web development agency as they can use their expertise in designing complex web application. Some other major reasons to become a Web Designer & Web Developer are as follows As of 2017, the demand of Full Stack & Main Stack Developers are much higher than of web developers who specialize in only one tool. The growth opportunity in Full Stack Development is brilliant and one can easily find themselves getting promoted in a quick span of time. The salary offered to a full stack developer is relatively higher than of web designer. You get to learn new things on a regular basis. It is perfect for small and medium-sized industries as they require candidates with an ability to perform multiple tasks as compared to large enterprises who focus on hiring people with specialized skills. Thus, join our valuable and job oriented IT Expert Web Designing & Web Development training course to give your career a quick start. To know more about the IT Expert course or institute, please visit our office in Delhi, Uttam Nagar, East Azad Nagar, Durgapuri, Kalkaji, Badarpur, Pitampura, Jaipur, Agra, Kanpur, Bhopal.

IT Expert Training Programmed Modules

IT Expert Web Designing & Web Development Training Course

  1. Introduction to Computer & Basic Concepts
  2. Operating System
  3. Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
  4. Spreadsheets (Microsoft Excel)
  5. Presentations (Microsoft Powerpoint)
  6. Database Management Systems (Microsoft Exces)
  7. Cyber Security
  8. PC Maintenance & Troubleshooting
  9. Networking and Troubleshooting
  10. Latest trends in IECT & e-Governance
  11. Application of Digital Financial Services
Module 2 - PHOTOSHOP
Photoshop is the Photo-editing software. It is a popular image changing software package. The main aim of Photoshop to learn and provide skills to students in Photo Editing technology. This software provides many image editing features for Raster (Pixel-based) images as well as vector graphics. In technical language, Photoshop is a RASTER graphic software, which means it is used to edit the raster graphics.
Module 3 - CORELDRAW
Introduction to Corel DRAW Graphics Suite Whether you are a professional designer or a hobbyist looking to explore your creative side, This course will lay the foundations you need to get the most out of Corel DRAW Graphics Suite. Ideally suited to new owners of the software, these videos cover topics like setting up your workspace and getting familiar with some of the basic tools that you will use in every project. Students will focus on Creativity, Designing, Customization to Develop Logo, Design, Card, Image etc. for an Organization.
Module 4 - HTML5
HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. It is used to design web pages using markup language. HTML is the combination of Hypertext and Markup language. Hypertext defines the link between the web pages. Markup language is used to define the text document within tag which defines the structure of web pages. HTML 5 is the fifth and current version of HTML. It has improved the markup available for documents and has introduced application programming interfaces (API) and Document Object Model (DOM).
Module 5 - CSS3
CSS is abbreviated as Cascading Style Sheets and describes how HTML elements need to be displayed when represented in a web page format or other media. It also helps save a lot of work because controlling the layout of multiple web pages can be done all at a time. It helps in representing how markup-based documents can be presented in conjunction with HTML.
Module 6 - JAVA SCRIPT
JavaScript is a lightweight, cross-platform and interpreted scripting language. It is well-known for the development of web pages; many non-browser environments also use it. JavaScript can be used for Client-side developments as well as Server-side developments. JavaScript contains a standard library of objects, like Array, Date, and Math, and a core set of language elements like operators, control structures, and statements.
Dreamweaver is considered WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), meaning that when you format your Web page, you see the results of the formatting instead of the mark-ups that are used for formatting. HTML is not WYSIWYG, whereas Microsoft Word is WYSIWYG. However, Dreamweaver allows you to hand code HTML as well. Dreamweaver also supports CSS and JavaScript as well as other languages including ASP and PHP.
Module 8 - CORE PHP
PHP is Open Source Programming Language and easy to learn. PHP can create, open, read, write, delete, and close files on the server. PHP can collect form data. PHP can add, delete, update data in your database. PHP can be used to control user-access. PHP can encrypt data. With PHP you are not limited to output HTML. The main aim of this course to nurture students to create a web application using PHP. It is one of the simple languages in which student easily learn, understand and create web site using web server concept.
Module 9 - JQUERY
jQuery is a lightweight, "write less, do more", JavaScript library. The purpose of jQuery is to make it much easier to use JavaScript on your website. jQuery takes a lot of common tasks that require many lines of JavaScript code to accomplish, and wraps them into methods that you can call with a single line of code.
Module 10 - AJAX
AJAX is a technique for creating fast and dynamic web pages. AJAX allows web pages to be updated asynchronously by exchanging small amounts of data with the server behind the scenes. This means that it is possible to update parts of a web page, without reloading the whole page.
Module 11 - ANGULAR JS
Angular (formerly called Angular JS) is a typescript based web application framework that supports full-stack development for building all types of web applications. It helps in creating reactive single page application (SPA) and is completely based on the concept of components.

Eligibility criteria to attend the IT Expert, Web Designing & Developer training?

In order to attend the Best IT Expert, Web designing & Web Development course in Delhi NCR Diploma program, the candidate needs to have a 10+2 to start a Career in Web Development. Having a Graduation Degree can be advantageous but not mandatory.

What is the scope of PHP Development in India?

There is a huge demand for PHP Developers in the Indian market as more and more companies are beginning to realize the importance of PHP. It is considered one of the most cost efficient and reliable programming languages with utmost flexibility and User-Friendliness.

Why GDF is best for Website Designing & Web Development?

  1. Govt. registered institute E-verified IT Expert Diploma
  2. Industry acceptable IT Expert certification for all learner's training which help fresher/Experienced to up-skill at corporate.
  3. Experienced Faculty
  4. Industry Expert Sr. Accountant & Charted Accountant With 10+ Years provide workshop session @ GDF Skills
  5. Placement Assistance
  6. GDF Skills provide 100% placement assistance after completion of E-Accounting training our dedicated placement team arrange interview till placement.
  7. Lab Facility
  8. Data Analytics Practical Training help to gain exposure like corporate level with technical test series
  9. Data Analytics Workshop Sessions
  10. Real time projects & best case study makes GDF Skills workshop very unique and lively for learners.
  11. Admin Support
  12. For Learner's, Our admin team fresh batch schedule/re-scheduling classes/arrange doubt classes.

Who will be the trainers for the PHP Course?

The Core PHP Training Course will be provided by qualified and certified corporate trainers with over 5 to 7 years of experience in the PHP Development field.

Any programming skills is requiredto attend the IT Expert training course?

No, anyone with non-technical background can attend the IT Expert Training Course.

PHP Course For Beginners & Freshers

For beginners & freshers, decisions related to career become very pivotal. They need to understand that every decision they take is going to affect their career lifetime. They also need to understand that it is not only their education which is going to affect the pace of their career, but there are certain practical experiences and soft skills that are required to boost their career. At this point only, the student becomes scared about preparation of interviews. But, GDF Skills are here for their full-fledged support and help. All you need to do is enroll for our IT Expert, Web Designing & Web Development Training Programs and we will let you get your dream job.

Freelancer Web Developer & Digital Marketer

If you browse through our Prospectus of GDF Skills IT Expert Training Course, you will find we have many options in our basket for Freelance Web Developers like you. You may enroll for IT Expert, Web Designing or Web Development Training program. You are not an employee of any organization. But, definitely you would like to give your career an all-time waited boost. Flexible timing for IT Expert course duration is available to just suit your needs personally.

Why Should I join Advanced PHP Training Course?

If you have set targets to be achieved for your career in next 5 years, if there is a place where you see yourself in next 5 years, then, GDF Skills are there just for you. Our team in Delhi & India has designed IT Expert Training Programs and IT Expert Course modules for ambitious and passionate professionals like you. If you have a dream, you must achieve it. But, preparation is required for this. We have designed strategic IT Expert Training Course in order to help you achieve your career dreams.

Scope in a career in web development

  1. Front-end developer (web page and graphics)
  2. Backend developer (specializing in PHP, .NET, ruby)
  3. Design and layout analyst
  4. Web application developer
  5. Web marketing analyst
  6. Senior web analyst

Scope in a career in web development

There are many short-term or Diploma courses, where you will be learning the basic of web development, online business, the different languages that include Dreamweaver, Word press, Joomla, HTML, CSS, PHP and many others. Once you become very well- versed in them you can pursue the career of your choice. A lit bit of hard work and interest in coding is all that you need for becoming a good web designer.

What are the major job areas in web development?

  1. IT Companies
  2. Audio-Visual Media Agencies
  3. Advertising Agencies
  4. Design Studioes
  5. Marketing Firms
  6. Publishing Houses


It is essential to not think about salary when it comes to pursuing your passion, but still, for the information, the salary of a web designer varies from company to company and it is safe to assume that the starting range is somewhere between, INR 10000 to 25000 per month. This increase after you gain experience.

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